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DosiBase ELDos Installer

  1. Please submit software download request Form.
  2. To install Dosibase, double-click the product setup and then follow the on-screen instructions.
  3. Please register the product after you install it to get ActivationCode. Registration form

Product Specification: ELDos_A4.pdf

Dosibase User Manual: Users Guide ELDOS.pdf

Technical support: ✉

Supported dosimeters

  • EPD MK2
  • EPD G
  • EPD N2
  • EPD TruDose® Electronic Dosimeter

Out-of-Box Report:

  • total dose a person received over a report period
  • detailed report, which shows the result of each measurement

Demo licenses

Trial Subscription
1 month
DosiBase ELDos Personal (5 dosimeters)Free of charge

Business licenses


Prices are quoted in Euros and net of any statutory VAT/sales tax.

Perpetual licenses
DosiBase ELDos Personal (5 EPDs)800.00
DosiBase ELDos Personal (10+ EPDs)price on request
DosiBase ELDos Server edition  (50+ EPDs; 1+ simultaneous connection )price on request