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DosiBase ELDos is a flexible, configurable and easy to use ELDos database for rapid issuing and dose collection for the electronic dosimeter. Intended for dosimeters EPD MK2, EPD G, EPD N2 , EPD TruDose® Electronic Dosimeter Read more

DosiBase TLD is a flexible, configurable, and easy to the use TLD database for rapid issue and electronic dose, collection for the TLD range dosimeter Read more

DosiBase GCC DosiBase® Glow Curve Checker (GCC) is a user-friendly software for TLD glow curve screening and detection of suspicious dosimeters Read more

DosiRobot is an experimental robotic system for the automation of TLD dosimetry. DosiRobot providing packing of HARSHAW TLD Cards to holders, Sorting: Identify and Sort out cards with invalid ECC, (WinREMS); Identify and Sort out suspicious TLD Cards, (Dosibase GCC required), Labelling of Dosimeters before shipping, Distinct ejection of assembled dosimeter. Read more

Ring BarCodeReader for automatic identification of ring bar codes Read more. or Watch the video

Triple cartridge-holder for TLD-cards. Read more