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Welcome to the
Dosimetry software world

From 2011, DOSIBASE SIA ENTERPRISE has been developing software for passive and active Dosimeters to collect and analyse data. Our software gives vital information on occupational radiation dose absorbed by personnel working with radioactive materials or in radiation fields. This allows organisations and companies to monitor the quantity of radiation in the work environment to ensure not to exceed the legal limits and to protect their staff.

Our products focus on the needs of organisations and professions that use Harshaw or Rados TLD, Thermo® EPD® and EPD TruDose®. Conventional users are Nuclear Power Plants, Healthcare centres and people in a non-destructive testing environment.

For more efficient use of Harshaw TLD systems:
-Glow Curve Checker for QC of TLD cards
-Ring BarCodeREader for automatic identification of ring bar codes
-DosiRobot as an experimental robotic system for the automation of TLD

Our software can easily be adapted on customer demand to meet the specific requirements requested.

Therefore, We say….Caught a dose? We collect it, report it, analyse it.